Svetlana Shigroff

Personal spaces and artifacts of existence; come largely from loose recollections of youth, fabrications of reality and cultural appropriation.  I attempt to dissect identity, historical half truths and fairy tales.  Each piece collectively denotes an unsettling unveiling of self, of distances between beauty and horror and identifies the monsters we keep. 

Appropriating skills such as sewing, mold making and traditional fiber art techniques allows for an assimilation of tradition and history that I then manipulate as my own. The combination of textiles, wax, resin and paint allow for viscerally satisfying forms that insinuate body. When married with signifiers from memory and fairy tales, these representations of body: sexual, strange and disordered, become the means in which my identity and culture transpire.

Costume Design, Scraps by Sveta and Lady Sveta

Svetlana has recently relaunched her metal works under the name Lady Sveta and is branching into apparel with her label, Scraps by Sveta. Svetlana is most well known for her use of iconic pop culture motifs and her pseudo gore sensibilities. Svetlana is a textile and soft sculpture artist and these elements are always influencing her costume designs. She has made custom gowns and OOAK garments for the likes of Kimbra, Holy Child and Mereki.



Los Angeles