Svetlana Shigroff is a textile and mixed media artist working within themes of myth and intra-personal conflict. As subject matter she looks to goddess archetypes, dream interpretation and sigil development. The process of tufting acts as a physical incantation of sorts, giving space for the multiplicity of the self; as the tormented, the enlightened, the brazened, the enraged or the defeated. The imagery though seemingly playful, tends to carry an under current of tension and/or visceral terror.

Originally from Australia, Svetlana has been living and working in Southern California for eight years. In Los Angeles, Svetlana worked within the fashion industry before shifting into work as a freelance costume designer and touring wardrobe stylist. Now living and working from her studio in Landers, her current work predominately focuses on mixed media tapestries. Using reclaimed materials and deadstock fabrics from the downtown LA fashion district, Svetlana uses a variety of hand tools and a method called tufting, to create loop pile tapestries.